brandy snap it up!

I can’t wait for Christmas.

I go a tiny bit silly with the preparations. This year I thought I’d be super organised and buy up big on brandy snaps… They popped up at Aldi (I have a crush on Aldi) a couple of weeks ago and I thought, well… since we’re hosting Christmas this year…. why not buy four boxes…

In October…¬†
(This can only end badly….

Happy snaps.

I have a super recipe for the creamy stuff that you squelch into the snaps… It’s OH SO EASY and waaay healthier than cream – (and I think more delicious) Here it is for those playing at home:





One large can of pears (drained)
An even larger blob of low fat ricotta
Dash of vanilla extract (optional)
Put drained pears and ricotta (and a smidge of vanilla extract if you like) into a food processor and blend until it the mix is sweet and creamy, with the consistency of whipped cream. Pipe the cream into the brandy snap tubes and voila! Yumminess!

**Handy tip with the piping: I pour it into a zip lock bag, zip it up, then snip off a corner of the bag (not too big!) with some scissors. It’s so easy to pipe this way.

However, it seems my SuperMama SuperChristmas SuperOrganisation Super-Skillz were a little um… too super, as I most certainly can not be trusted knowing these¬†light-crunchy-gingerbready-spiced tubes of joy-to-the-world are stashed in my cupboard just hangin’ out ’til December 25.

OK OK, I fess up…. I need to purchase three new boxes.

(Lucky there’s still 8 weeks ’til Christmas!)



SO here we are… without any further ado… welcome to our blog! Ta daaah!

We don’t want this to be a giant ad for Pack’d, but since it’s our first post, here’s a teeny little bit of background about us… Pack’d was born when Geelong mama Rachelle just couldn’t find a cool carry-on sized wheelie case for her daughter when traveling overseas. Shouldn’t be too hard you think… well… it kinda was… The problem was the endless pouting princesses and superheroes leaping off the shelves…

Then the other problem was they were all made out of that soft canvassy stuff, that gets dirty – oh-so-fast… and then before you know it… a niche in the market was born.

Long story short… three years, two trips to China, and a sweet lil’ baby girl later (hello Ava!) We are happy to announce we are rolling out our fab little wheelie cases to all corners of the globe! Hoorah!

There are four designs to wheel around: Dot to Dotty, our well spotted Miss. (here she is – these links will go through to our website incase you’re suddenly overcome with the need to buy them in a crazed urgent fashion: – well you never know…) Dot to Dotty…. Splendidly Spotty

Then there’s HumbugHumming along nicely…

SuperStar oh so flashy superduper Is it orange? is it yellow? Far out who knows?! But she’s as bright as a star can be!

and Dashing Hound, hot diggety

Wow we are so excited about them! Well… it has been three years in the making… so we feel very excellent indeed that they are finally being wheeled around airports, tram stops, and into the backseat of the stationwagon on the way to Nana’s house.


Righto… best press send & see what happens… *eeep!*