brandy snap it up!

I can’t wait for Christmas.

I go a tiny bit silly with the preparations. This year I thought I’d be super organised and buy up big on brandy snaps… They popped up at Aldi (I have a crush on Aldi) a couple of weeks ago and I thought, well… since we’re hosting Christmas this year…. why not buy four boxes…

In October…¬†
(This can only end badly….

Happy snaps.

I have a super recipe for the creamy stuff that you squelch into the snaps… It’s OH SO EASY and waaay healthier than cream – (and I think more delicious) Here it is for those playing at home:





One large can of pears (drained)
An even larger blob of low fat ricotta
Dash of vanilla extract (optional)
Put drained pears and ricotta (and a smidge of vanilla extract if you like) into a food processor and blend until it the mix is sweet and creamy, with the consistency of whipped cream. Pipe the cream into the brandy snap tubes and voila! Yumminess!

**Handy tip with the piping: I pour it into a zip lock bag, zip it up, then snip off a corner of the bag (not too big!) with some scissors. It’s so easy to pipe this way.

However, it seems my SuperMama SuperChristmas SuperOrganisation Super-Skillz were a little um… too super, as I most certainly can not be trusted knowing these¬†light-crunchy-gingerbready-spiced tubes of joy-to-the-world are stashed in my cupboard just hangin’ out ’til December 25.

OK OK, I fess up…. I need to purchase three new boxes.

(Lucky there’s still 8 weeks ’til Christmas!)



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